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28 Sep 2023 / London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Milan, New York, Paris

Abby Champion • Self Service Nº59 Fall Winter 2023

“Nourished by an in-depth knowledge of our industry's past, present, and future, creatives and journalists alike must continue to fight for and maintain their safe space for opinions and their well-informed critical eye,” writes Ezra Petronio in his editor’s letter to the latest edition of Self Service. “Any other way would be absurd!” Enter Abby Champion, star of a 17-page editorial by photographer Liv Liberg and stylist Eliza Conlon. Ironic captions aside, there is nothing inflated or self-congratulatory about the story. Wearing a Coperni top and Givenchy skirt (featured), Abby is worthy of her wowing headline. In a moment when the world’s information is being digested and spat back by machine intelligence at a dizzying rate, appeals to the sanctity of wetware (the human brain) can seem quaint. Still, there is something to be admired about a model with life in her eyes. Wowowow!

Credits include: Publication, Self Service Nº59 Fall Winter 2023, The Legendary Issue; Title, “WOWOWOW”; Photography, Liv Liberg; Styling, Eliza Conlon; Editor-in-chief, Ezra Petronio; Hair, Olivier Schawalder; Makeup, Karin Westerlund; Manicure, Alex Feller; Set design, Sati Leonne Faulks; Production, Partner Films; Casting, Julia Lange Casting.